Schedule press conference CZ10 program “Support for the detection and investigation of corruption” The Project Steering Committee, approval of the Statute and Rules of Procedure of the Steering Committee of the project “Risks and threats of corruption and money laundering” Workshop “Announcement of misconduct and protection of whistleblowers” “The Criminal liability of legal entities – internationally proven procedures” The Project Steering Committee “Publication of the results from the risk assessment study and its recommendations” "Identification of the most suitable country for comparison and study visit in accordance to the topic of financing of election campaign and candidacy of independent candidates" "Standards and new trends in anti-money laundering and the seizure of proceeds of crime" standards, trends and it’s linkages
with money laundering cases The Project Steering Committee "Criminal Liability of Legal persons in the Czech Republic", Prague "Criminal Liability of Legal persons in the Czech Republic", Pilsen "Criminal Liability of Legal persons in the Czech Republic", Brno "Methods of implementing regimes for criminal liability of legal entities for the Czech Republic" conference: Challenges in the area of Assets Recovery international konference on
Corruption risks in the financing of political parties and election campaigns conference of the Project CZ10 "Novela AML zákona. Prevence praní peněz" (CZ) The Project Steering Committee Conference II.
Program CZ10 International Workshop “Workshop Facing Challenges in Combating Terrorist Financing”