The possibilities in combating terrorist financing were discussed in Prague

The Financial Analytical Unit of the Ministry of Finance CZ supported by the International Relations Department of the Ministry of Finance CZ and the Council of Europe organized a workshop focused on new challenges in combating terrorist financing. Thanks to the financial support of EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014 the representatives of European countries together with experts from relevant European institutions like the European Commission or the MONEYVAL met in past days in Prague. The purpose of this workshop was discussion on upcoming new measures as well as practical experiences and good practises in the CFT area. The question of effective fight against financing terrorism is crucial on both the national and the international level. EU focuses the attention within preparation of the amendment of the new directive also on the extension of cooperation between responsible authorities in all member states. These authorities are mainly financial intelligence units or specialized police units.

As the Head on Financial Analytical Unit stated: “The goals of this workshop are mutually introduce the possibilities of European financial intelligence units, share the best practices and refer to challenges connected with financing terrorism. Last but not least this event should also help to build a personal connections which could be essential during the critical situation as our France colleagues pointed out.”. The agenda of the workshop contained main points from the Action Plan of fight against financing terrorism issued on February 2016 by the European Commission. The representatives of the France financial intelligence unit illustrated the crucial role of fast cooperation between relevant authorities in critical situations. There was also introduced unique model of virtual currencies providers’ registration established in Luxembourg. Important parts of the program were also presentations of representative of the European Commission targeted on supra-national risk assessment and future development of measures regulating the fight against terrorist financing.

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