Approval of the predefined project of the Financial Analytical Unit of the Ministry of Finance within the Program CZ10

The project of the Financial Analytical Unit of the Ministry of Finance – “Support for the detection and investigation of corruption and money laundering in the Czech republic“ was approved within the frame of the Program CZ10 „Capacity Building and Institutional Cooperation between Beneficiary State and Norwegian Public Institutions, Local and Regional authorities“ on September 9, 2014..

The Project will be realized in bilateral cooperation with the Council of Europe. The objective is to assist designated target groups with the fight against corruption and money laundering, mainly by thematically oriented workshops. The target group will consist of representatives of criminal law enforcement authorities (public prosecutors, judges, police officers) and also selected employees of government administration (Financial Analytical Unit of MoF CZ, the Office of the Government, MoJ CZ). As a part of t project, exchange of know-how and experiences among the stakeholders on both national and international level concerning the uncovering, examination and investigation of corruption-related criminal activities and related financial crimes, especially money laundering, including obtaining new information on methods regarding uncovering of these criminal activities from abroad, will be ensured.. Total budget of this project is 23 085 972 CZK.

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