Studies related to areas with currently the highest potential risk of corruption and their publication.

Over one third of the time allocation for fulfilment of targets of the Project CZ10 has passed. Several activities were successfully organized within this period. The last of those activities was workshop named: “Publication of the results from the risk assessment study and its recommendations”. This workshop organized on 5th of May 2015 in Prague was a next logical step following completion of two studies focused on areas with the currently highest potential risk of corruption. These studies were prepared by experts of the Council of Europe in cooperation with erudite national experts.

The first of those studies named:” Transparency of Beneficial Ownership Information for Corporate Entities and Trusts in the Czech Republic” was prepared by Mr. Terence Donovan – European expert for money laundering issues, in cooperation with Mr. Jan Šamánek – Czech lawyer and also expert for issues related to money laundering. This study describes and analyses several possible solutions for issues with information about beneficial ownership, for example establishment of public accessible registry, together with pros and cons of each possibility. Other practical aspects which should be considered by Czech authorities are included in the text together with recommendations of solutions of outlined problems.

The second study named:” The legal and institutional framework regulating conflict of interest in the Czech Republic: Assessment and Recommendations” was prepared by Mr. Quentin Reed – independent consultant for area of fight against corruption, together with Mrs. Lenka Petráková – representative of NGO Oživení o.s. This study highlighted a problem of defining terms like public and personal interest and also highlighted problems related to regional elected members of supervisory boards of companies partially owned by state.

Authors of both studies presented achieved results on workshop with participation of public sector, NGO’s, Norway embassy and other interested offices. Both studies in original version and also Czech translations could be found on our websites –